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Oil & Gas Working Group Resumes!

In 2018 Delta County convened a working group to begin evaluating the County’s Oil & Gas Regulations. The group made a series of broad recommendations to the Board of County Commissioners in December of 2018. Delta County intends to make any necessary updates to the oil and gas section of the land use regulations, as part of the land use regulation process update, and has reconvened the Oil & Gas working group to assist in that effort.

The working group is specifically tasked with identifying process improvements to the county’s oil and gas regulations, and to make recommendations for changes to the performance standards included in the oil and gas regulations.

This working group operates under a consensus model, and is made up of a diverse group representing multiple points of view. Participants including Western Slope Conservation Center, Mark Waltermier, Mike Ludlow, Mike Cleary, Wendell Koontz, and Natasha Leger. The working group continues to be facilitated by Tony Vervloet, the County’s Local Government Designee, and Elyse Ackerman-Casselberry the County’s Community and Economic Development Director.

A schedule is available for viewing at Meetings will be held around the county twice a month for the next few months.

The next meeting is Monday March 18, 2019 at 5:30 at Orchard City Town Hall; the working group will take public input at the end of each meeting.

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