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Why do they do that? Lessons learned from our neighbors…

Curious about land use regulations? Interested in learning more? Delta County invites you to join us on Wednesday, March 13th from 6:00p-7:30p, at the Grand Mesa Arts and Events Center in Cedaredge, to learn about land use from our neighbors. It’s a great opportunity to ask questions, and learn about how land use works in other communities. Did you know that the City of Rifle has a thriving downtown anchored by two theaters; how did they do that? What are Montrose and Mesa Counties experiencing today as more people begin moving into those communities, and how do they approach the same issues that we face in Delta County? Join us to listen and learn from our neighbors!

We understand that not everyone can make it to a community meeting, and Delta County wants to make it easy for you to stay informed, and learn with us, as we begin for our land use regulation update. If you missed our first community forum, NO PROBLEM, we’ve got you covered! We have a podcast that covers the same topics discussed in the form. The Delta County Land Use Regulation podcast can be found on most podcast platforms. Simply search “Delta County” on your favorite platform, and you should be able to find the podcast.

We will continue to add new episodes over the next several months so be sure to check back regularly. Or you can follow this link:

Our first podcast explores the relationship between the master plan and land use. We also do a little Delta County land use myth busting, so be sure to share with those you know who may be interested.

The County’s land use regulation update process is in full swing. Go to to keep up to date on the process, or keep your eyes on the Delta County Independent and High Country Shopper for updates.

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