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Why Do Land Use Regulations Matter in Building Community Prosperity?

Curious about how subdivision works? Want to understand more about zoning? Confused by our existing land use requirements? Interested in understanding the difference between a master plan and regulations? Delta County invites you to join us for the first in a series of community forums on Thursday, February 28, from 5:30p – 7:30 at The Creamery, in Hotchkiss. The purpose of these forums is to build a solid base of understanding about the various land use tools and processes that we will be exploring as part of the land use regulation update taking place this year.

This first forum is titled “Why do land use regulations matter in building community prosperity?” The forum will feature a panel including an economic developer, a business owner, a local developer, a Delta County planning commissioner, and a Delta County commissioner. This interactive discussion will explore how land use regulations and policies impact our ability to grow community prosperity and economic development.

The County is deploying various means of reaching out to county residents, property owners, and businesses during the land use update. We will spend the next few months “learning” together. Community forums are intended to help Delta County build a strong foundation, an understanding of the different toolboxes available in land use regulations, and the different ways those tools can be applied in Delta County, to support our vision and goals.

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