Last year, our community created the 2018 Master Plan with a community vision and six goals that outline how we can protect what we love about living here while also creating opportunity for everyone to thrive. To achieve our vision and goals, the next step is to align our vision and goals with the County's land use regulations.


While Master Plans are policy guidance, land use regulations are the regulatory framework for the land development approval process. We need to come together to create land use regulations that are fair, predictable, and based on our shared vision for the future.

The 2019 land use regulations update process includes the following phases, each offering an opportunity for the community to be involved.

  1. Learn: We will build a strong foundation for informed decision making through shared learning.

  2. Explore: We will develop an understanding of our current policies and conditions through data and trend analysis.

  3. Create: We will create a framework for future land development through revised regulations.

  4. Adopt: We will formally adopt new land use regulations.

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